Lightcodes for Tranquility and Peace

As I sat listening to the birds and feeling the cool air on my skin I felt a deep sense of tranquility, peace and calm. A complete surrender to the present moment. I felt how the present moment washed away the past and how the present moment opened up to the future.

While in this state of complete surrender to the present, NOW, I wrote the Light Codes to transmit this to everyone who worry about the past or the future. Allow yourself to surrender to the NOW. All is well in your world.

To use the activation close your eyes. Take three inhalations and exhalations. Gently open your eyes and allow them to scan over the writing. Donโ€™t try to analyse or translate. Just be like a sponge and allow the activation to move and do what it needs to do.

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  1. I really love this one, although I love all of Markus’s light codes. Being ADHD (Amazingly Different and Highly Developed) means that I can’t always focus enough to read the long spiritual texts that came from the era’s before. But with these, it’s a few seconds of breathing, a few seconds of looking and then you’re on your way again. That’s perfect for somone like me. Deep gratitude and huge respect. Xx

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