Tachyon Tools to Enhance Your Home, Body, Mind and Spirit

Meditation Range

Glass Crystal Group

The Glass Crystal Group is not only a wonderful piece of jewellery. This glass shape can be used to improve the energies in rooms. In addition this shape is also suitable for personal work, like e.g. for healing landscapes, meditation and freeing work. As energies can be strongly bundled with this form, we also suggest that they be used with a great deal of feeling.

Laser Crystal

The Laser Crystal is a Therapeutic instrument. It serves the harmonising of meridians and the re-polarisation of negative energies in organs. When using this glass shape, caution is necessary: the effect appears very fast. The body should not be overtaxed. In addition, the Laser crystal Point is eminently suitable for energising drinks and foodstuffs and can also be used for cleaning rooms.

This crystal is especially useful in bringing about healing to bones that have suffered a fracture or crack. It is also excellent in treating muscles that have gone into spasm. Joints affected by rheumatism or arthritis also benefit greatly by treatment with this wand.

Pillar of Reflection

The Universe reflects itself through this glass rod and therefore connects with the person using it. This is a tool used for balance, as in balancing energies in a room by placing one in each corner.

Useful in Aura cleansing and Chakra balancing. Very suitable for use by those that meditate in groups or do Earth healing. The energy given off by this rod will bring “light” into the darkest place.

Known to be used by those manufacturing natural medicines and essences this rod will energise the liquids being made with positive Tachyon energy.

The name Pillar of Reflection means that the universe “reflects” itself in this glass rod and with it also the person who uses it. Pillars are a tool for balancing the body halves and also for facilitating the balancing out of energies in rooms. For rooms in which energy work is done, we recommend, for instance, that a Pillar be placed in each corner.

A further, extremely lightful use is the following:

Join together three Pillars of Reflection and stand them upright in the middle of a room. With such an arrangement a large hall can immediately be lightened up with energy.

Pillars are eminently suited for work with mediums and for training in cosmic consciousness. For intensive meditation, a group can form a circle round this three-fold arrangement.

Atlas Rods

These rods made from glass to which Boron has been added. They are used by holding them in the hands. The energy travels up the arms to the hemispheres of the brain where they may assist in synchronising the left/right brain function. This could be useful in energy attunements of any kind as when the brain is in balance the body responds positively and quickly to all forms of energy. The rods may also be used to attain deeper levels of consciousness when meditating.


Available in clear, aquamarine, lilac, and green.

The Semi-sphere with the Spiral Pyramid inside can dissolve energy blockages. For this purpose, the glass shape is held on the relevant area of the body. In addition, it can be used order to harmonise blockages. This shape can also be used in the field of harmonisation of earth rays. During meditation, this shape supports spiritual growth.

Rainbow Spiral Pyramid

Available in a 30mm and 40mm size, coloured pink/green and gold/purple (Peacock or Bermuda Blue).

The rainbow coloured pyramids are ideal to be used in pairs. Held in the hands during meditation they open the base and crown chakra, allowing the energy to move and centre in the heart chakra. In addition these pyramids are excellent for clearing houses and gardens of unwanted lower vibrational forms. They have also been found as useful in balancing a person in a short space of time where the individual is not able to consult with their usual Alternative Healer.

The small Spiral Pyramid can be used in pairs for body treatments. If one is placed in the left hand and right hand respectively, they immediately see to the opening of the Thousand-Petal Lotus chakra and the Base chakra. Blockages of the Meridians are dissolved. During therapy the Spiral Pyramid can be used for freeing work. Freeing work for the outdoors, freeing work for the body and freeing work for the house and its surroundings, in combination with the Semi-sphere which is used after the freeing work, for the “implanting” of information.

This glass form promotes grounding, and, at the same time, the feeling of being linked to everything that is. The Spiral Pyramid is steamed rainbow-coloured by a special procedure and is obtainable in colour accents of blue, green or violet. Also available as a 40mm pyramid.

Rainbow Igloo

Rainbow igloos are available in pink/green colours or gold/purple colours (Peacock and Bermuda Blue). Placed in the centre of a meditational group they raise the frequencies of the room allowing for more effective interaction with Higher Vibrational Beings.

Held in the hands the Peacock colour is exceptional in assisting release of old hidden emotions being held within the body.

The Rainbow Igloo can be held or placed in the middle of a meditation circle. It creates a very effective potential. This form is eminently suitable for the energising of rooms. For this it is stuck to the ceiling. An igloo can liven up a room of approximately 5 cubic meters. A pyramid shaped arrangement of five Rainbow Igloos increases the Chi in rooms.

The Sphere

Available in 15 colours with a diameter of either 30mm.

These may be useful in dealing with pain, fears and emotional problems. If used regularly with intent during meditation the support for the user becomes greater. It assists in balancing the body and stimulating all cellular structures. The smaller spheres will protect the physical body against electro smog by magnifying the auric field.

The larger spheres are wonderful to place under your bed. They give off a Tachyon field that envelopes the bed. Dowsing would indicate the best colour to use in this instance. We would recommend one of the following colours for this use; turquoise, green, clear, or lilac.

Larger spheres revitalize living spaces and offices as the energy radiates outward from the centre of the sphere to fill the room. Small spheres used in front of a computer monitor bring disturbing electromagnetic fields into order.

Spheres are feminine in energy and hold the potential of all 5 of the Platonic solids, including Metatron’s Cube.

The Sphere is a symbol for our Earth and for other planets. It, too, wears the aspect of infinity in itself, like the circle. The Sphere is however three-dimensionally formed.

Spheres can help people who use them when they arrive back on earth. This arrival also means to work on the heavy events in this life and let go in peace. Spheres are very suitable for consciously dealing with pain, anxiety and emotional problems and the memory of old abilities. The clearer the intention of the user while utilising the Spheres, the more effectively they can work.

The Sphere can bring body halves together and balance them out. It has a very stimulating effect on all cell structures and thereby also on the DNA.


30 mm Spheres build an energy field of approximately 2.2 cubic meters.

Spheres are in a position to refresh and liven up living and workrooms. If they are placed in front of PC monitors they order electromagnetic disturbances and in this way prevent a negative load. The Spheres build up a harmonised energy field. Everything concentrates in the centre and radiates outwards. For the work place, gold, aquamarine and green coloured Spheres are suitable; for sleeping quarters, use indigo, aquamarine, and clear and green coloured Spheres.

The 30 mm Sphere can find room in any pocket and in this way can protect the whole body from the influence of negative radiation (electro smog and earth rays).

Sun Pyramid

This shape holds immense potential in allowing manifestation. Working with pyramids allows one to recall the origins of mankind and helps orient us in this third dimensional reality. This pyramid holds an inner double pyramid or 8 pointed star.

They are suitable to use in meditation. In this instance it is recommended that during the meditation the individual lay down and place the pyramid on the forehead or chakra appropriate to the colour.
Four sided pyramids are the physical component of half an octahedron. The lower half is unmanifest and in a higher vibration.

It has been scientifically proven that an accumulation of energy gathers underneath the pyramid settling up a vortex of energy which then escapes through the Apex of the pyramid. In addition a field of energy, circular in form, is created around the base of each pyramid.

Sun Pyramids are suitable for meditation, for balancing the chakras and harmonizing rooms. During meditation it can be put directly e.g. onto the forehead, for the special energy shape to take effect. The sun pyramids are designed in the Pythagorean ratio. They have an open, in-lying double pyramid, which can be filled with e.g. Bach Flower Remedies for therapeutic work. The tachyons will conduct the respective information of the essences directly to the subtle bodies, and thus combine the two basic potentials of this pyramid.

For therapeutic use the Sun Pyramid is available in the 15 different colours.


May be useful during meditation in bridging the gap between Heaven and Earth, pyramids make the unseen manifest. They are a source of orientation in the Third Dimension. Similar to the other two pyramids in the range, a vortex of energy is set up inside the pyramid and escapes from the Apex. This pyramid produces the largest circle of energy around its base.

The Pyramid is the form with the greatest potential. It has much to do with that which is not there, with the conveying of information and the non-earthly. The pyramid represents a connection towards the outside. It activates memories of the origin of being human, and offers orientations in the three-dimensional world.

Small pyramids balance rooms. When a pyramid is placed in each corner of a room, they have an effect on all levels of the room – i.e. from floor to ceiling. Large 50mm crystal clear pyramids are also suited for rooms.

Beyond this, they support reincarnation travels, and, in general, deal with information from other times.

The pyramid concentrates all energy via its tip into a ray moving upwards and downwards, as an invisible, energetic counter pyramid form. For therapeutic treatment the tip of the pyramid can be directed on to an acupuncture point, which is then appropriately activated by it.

The pyramid connects heaven and earth. It consists of five corners; of these, the four corners at the base form the earth energy and the tip the cosmic energy. It combines the power of the pyramid form with the Tachyon energy. They are very suitable for use in meditation and relaxation.

Spiral Pyramid

Available as a 50mm crystal clear spiral glass pyramid.

Primarily used in mediation to create a high vibrational vortex of energy. The pyramid is placed under the chair being used by the meditator. The vortex of energy created may allow one to move into an altered state , thereby stilling the mind and allowing for a more meaningful meditation.

The large Spiral Pyramid (50mm) is eminently suitable for spiritual work. This shape can also be used for cleansing work and for freeing of the soul. Placed under a chair, energy can be “pumped in” with it. Four of these spiral pyramids can be set out in a square. The energy field that is thus created can be of excellent service during deep meditation. These are also available in the rainbow colours as above.

Twelve-sided Cone Pyramids

Available in crystal clear, bermuda blue and peacock

The bermuda blue and peacock Twelve-Sided Cone Pyramids bring light into darkness and is very well suited for the dull autumn and winter months. This shape is eminently suitable for earth healing.
The Twelve-Sided Cone Pyramids opens doors to the light, and is the closest vibration to the Angelic Realm. If placed next to the bed at night it can protect and assist in astral travel. It can also be used likewise in meditation.

The crystal clear Twelve-Sided Cone Pyramids can be used for transmission of information. It is well suited for energy work with children and babies and can serve as protector if placed on the bedside table. It brings love and angelic energy into the room.

Pebble Range

Water Energising Pebbles

By placing these 3 aqua coloured pebbles into a water filter or jug of water, the water acquires the energy given off by the pebbles. This energised water , although not nearly as energetic as the Vita Soma water, is good to drink, tastes sweeter, and is better to drink than ordinary tap water. These pebbles will give off energy indefinitely.

Cautionary: These pebbles do not sterilise the water from harmful bacteria nor do they remove Fluoride from the water.

Cosmetic Energising Pebbles

This indigo coloured pebble can be pushed into any bottle of shampoo, cosmetic cream, liquid soap, or hair conditioner. If the ingredients are synthetic Tachyon energy will harmonise them making them acceptable to the body. If the ingredients are natural the energy will be absorbed by the ingredients. This energy will be absorbed by the body. These pebbles can be reused indefinitely.

Earth Healing Pebbles

5 tequenced marble like pebbles in a pentagonal lay out will energise a radius of 100m diameter. Full details of DIY layout enclosed in package.

Medicine Energising Pebbles

Place one pebble into a packet or bottle of tablets or liquid medication. If the medication is of a chemical composition the pebble can harmonise the chemicals making it acceptable to the body. It the medication is natural /herbal then it will absorb the energy given off by the pebble. This absorbed energy will pass into the body when taking the medication. The pebble can be reused indefinitely.

These clear pebbles have also been used for Earth Healing. Laid out in a Sacred Geometric form and buried in the earth the energy can be directed with intent to heal the area being worked on.

Please note these pebbles are not intended to replace Geopathic Stress removal.

Feng shui range

Feng Shui 8 Pointed Star

A 8 pointed star 150mm x 235mm. This shape can be used similarly to that of the Hexagon. Beneficial in use in an office where the energy can be directed toward assisting the business, finance and abundance in all spheres. It can also protects against 5G.

Feng Shui 6 point Star

Size100mm x 100mm. Possesses the same qualities as the square but due to its geometric shape provides a highly energised field.

The Feng Shui Glass Star possesses the same qualities as the Feng Shui Glass Square. As with all Glasses, each is hand-made and unique, with diverse colour variation.

Feng Shui Square

Size 100mm x 100mm. Protects the room it is placed in from electro-smog of all kinds. Hung on the wall or window it energises the entire room as well as revitalises the air.

The Feng Shui coloured Glass Square protects houses and their inhabitants from electro smog of all kinds. Hung on the wall or on the window energises a whole room. In addition, using this glass shape revitalises the air in a room constantly, which is of benefit to the quality of living. Each Glass Square is hand-made and unique, with diverse colour patterns. It is an aid to energy and a beautiful ornament. In addition the Glass Square can be used optimally for body treatment and freeing work as it draws “impurities” out of the body. For this however, the nylon thread should be cut off.

Feng Shui Octagon (temporarily out of stock)

Size 80mm diameter. Similar protective qualities to the square but as the geometry represents a double square (the second being offset at a 90 degree angle) it may support an individual’s energy field in an enhanced manner.

This shape is also used for harmonising where there are outside sources of disturbance. This shape contains within itself a greatest potential for harmonising rooms.

Auto Feng Shui

This disk is placed on the windscreen of the car and will help keep the occupants fresh and energised. Helpful for long journeys as it draws energy into the car. The body of the car acts in a very similar way to a Faraday cage, keeping energy from entering the car and draining the physical body of energy. With this disk in place, the physical body remains alert and able to concentrate on diving.

Suncatcher Solar

Suncatcher Solar brings in the higher codes of “light”. Available in 40mm and 50mm sizes. Hung in any window where it can reflect the rays of the sun into a room it introduces high vibrational energy codes of pure light into the room.

Suncatcher Cosmos

Suncatcher Cosmos brings in the higher codes of “light”. Available in 40mm and 50mm sizes. Hang in a window which catches the sun being careful to avoid it being able to collide with the glass window. The rainbows of light brought into the room bring in the energy of the higher light codes.

Silicon Wrist Bands

Available in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Aqua, Blue, Amethyst, White and Black. These tequenced arm bands should be worn as a pair. They assist in synchronising the left and right brain activity allowing one a better result in any sport one chooses as it assists with the balance and stamina of the body. It has also been noted that the wearing of these bands assist with the feeling of well being when one is ill. It appears to support the ill person especially where they are suffering from a disease related to the auto immune system.

Technical Application and Geopathic Stress

Com-TAC Disk

This self adhesive disk is to be used to neutralise the negative effects given off by Computers, TV’s, and Microwave Ovens. Attached to the item it transmutes the negative energy into positive energy thereby reducing any harmful effects these items may have on the physical body. The disk is stuck with self adhesive tape to the middle of the back of the screen of the PC or TV. For Microwave use it is placed on the top of the unit toward the front on the right hand side.

Laptops have the COM-TAC placed over the battery pack on the outside of the unit. Should one wish to place the COM-TAC inside the battery pack this is acceptable.

Com-Tac Disk

This self adhesive disk is to be used to neutralise the negative effects given off by Computers, TV’s, and Microwave Ovens. Attached to the item it transmutes the negative energy into positive energy thereby reducing any harmful effects these items may have on the physical body. The disk is stuck with self adhesive tape to the middle of the back of the screen of the PC or TV. For Microwave use it is placed on the top of the unit toward the front on the right hand side.

Laptops have the COM-TAC placed over the battery pack on the outside of the unit. Should one wish to place the COM-TAC inside the battery pack this is acceptable.

Fu-Tac Disk

This self adhesive disk is used to neutralise the negative electromagnetic field surrounding the electrical wiring in the house. The disk should be installed on the main distribution board above the Mains Switch for singular phase electrical use. For 3 phase two disks would be required.
The control panel of an electrical fence should also have a FU-TAC attached to the outside of the cover.

This disk is also used to specifically harmonise the negative microwave energy emitted by any Router used for Internet connection. We recommend the disk not be attached permanently to the router in case the router has to be replaced. Simply lean the disk against the router and the negative radiation will be combated.


The ES-ETAC has been specifically developed for people who are extremely sensitive to negative Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF), which constantly surround us and effects the body adversely. Carrying this card on the person produces a positive Tachyon energy field surrounding the wearer, thereby reducing or eliminating the effects of negative EMF.

Smart DD

This SMART DD based on the Fostac Disk is designed specifically for use in or on Tablets or Smart Phones to harmonise negative energy. Attach to the back of an iPhone or any Smart-phone or Tablet using double sided tape or keep it in place with a Bodyglove/skin.

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