Tachyon Pendants to Enhance Body, Mind and Spirit

Abeiez Tachyon Pendants

Xyluriz Abeiez Tachyon Pendant (A*Z)

The Xyluriz is also known as a tube torus and is a symbol for the infinity “in the great as in the small.”

The Xyluriz in the appropriate chakra colour harmonises the particular chakra and the body zone. A Xyluriz can be stuck to spots where there are acute pain. It can be used to resolve old energy blockages. It “disappears” into the body, “dives” immediately down into the problem and draws it out.

The crystal clear as well as the indigo blue Xyluriz is very well suited to “take” medication. For this the respective medication is put in the centre of the Xyluriz and this is stuck to the thymus gland (middle of the chest). The effect is rapid and thereby supports the organism, as the immune system does not have expend energy on the side effects of the medication.

The Xyluriz can be held flat between both hands. In this way its whole potential can unfold.

Matrigon Abeiez Tachyon Pendant (A*Z)

The Matrigon is suitable for people who have quite clear intentions on moving in a certain direction. It reveals the truth about the wearer and also has the effect of acting as one’s personal “lie detector.” This shape contains a very strong energy that increases and promotes sensitivity.

In the therapeutic field, a Matrigon of the appropriate chakra colour can be laid on the respective chakra. The person on whom it is laid could be encouraged actively to support the healing process. When used optimally, spontaneous improvements in health can ensue.

Therapeutically the Matrigon with the tip pointing towards the feet is used to draw energy out, or move energy, while the tip pointing towards the head is used to infuse and fill up with energy.

Spiral Sun Abeiez Tachyon Pendant (A*Z)

The energy of the Spiral Sun has to do with creation and the universe. To create “something” out of nothing” and to materialise “something”.

The hole in the centre symbolises “the Nothing”, and precisely out of this “the something” comes into being. From this hole in the centre, rays and spirals come into being.

It can appropriately be worked with in the therapeutic field by laying it on the body: one infuse the area with positive (grooves of the spiral away from the body), or draw out and diffuse negative energy from the area (grooves of the spiral towards the body).

The Spiral Suns can be placed into the corners of a room to build a field over and beyond existing limitation. A Spiral Sun can also be placed into a meditation circle to hold the energy.

An orange Spiral Sun in the refrigerator or deep freeze will energise the food and will extend the shelf life of fresh foods.

Tree of Life Abeiez Tachyon Pendant (A*Z)

The Tree of Life is a principle that explains the correlation of life. It can awaken and promote potentials of the past, present and future.

Of all the shapes that are in use, it contains the creative principle most strongly.

The Tree of Life has a quality that enables it to transmit to the body, information on how to function — it re-informs the cells and activates the whole structure of the person. It grounds and centres strongly towards the Heart. Unmanifested energy is transferred to creative power (an idea), and then into the material.

The Tree of Life is a portrayal of man and contains all aspects of life. Worn as a pendant it is especially good for aligning the chakras and overall balancing of the energy.

With this shape, information can be “fetched” and it is recommend to be worn at the level of the solar plexus.

The Tree of Life is outstandingly suitable for revitalising energy of rooms when used from a Feng Shui perspective.

Orb Pendants

Corona Orb Tachyon Pendant (A*Z)

The Corona Orb, also known as the Orb of Protection and Growth is available in 8 colours* and Bermuda Blue. It can be worn on its own or with other orbs, once each orb’s individual wearing schedule has been completed.

The Geometric design having been channelled directly from the Order of Archangel Michael and now with assistance from the Ray Masters and other Archangels. This is a pendant for these difficult times.
This orb raises one’s vibration and allows one to grow spiritually in leaps and bounds.

It is the best Tachyon available for protection on all levels. It has even proven itself effective in severe cases of psychic attack, sangoma (witch doctor / shaman) magic and other influence.

Each colour Corona Orb is associated with an Ascended Master and Archangel.

Available in Citrine, Light Green, Pink, Aqua, Midnight Blue, Lilac, Topaz and Crystal Clear, Bermuda Blue and Iridescent (NEW).

Cosmic Voice Orb Tachyon Pendant (A*Z)

The Cosmic Voice, also known as the Orb of Sound and Blessings, is available in Clear and Bermuda Blue. It can be worn on its own or with other orbs, once each orb’s individual wearing schedule has been completed.

Concentric Circles are used as resonance chambers in the amplification of sound vibration. They act to expand sound frequency. Therefore your personal frequency is sent to the centre of our Galaxy from where it is returned to you with the additional frequencies of Source.
The two squares represent the worlds of Reality and Illusion allowing one to differentiate between the two.

It is intended for use by everyone to set the intention to reconnect with that which they have chosen to accomplish in life. It will guide those new on their path as well as those who have already done much work in this regard. It could therefore be called a tool to assist in the Ascension process.

Available in Clear, Bermuda Blue and Iridescent (NEW).

Cosmic Lens Orb Tachyon Pendant (A*Z)

The Cosmic Lens, also known as the Orb of Sight and Order, is available in Clear and Bermuda Blue. It can be worn on its own or with other orbs, once each orb’s individual wearing schedule has been completed.

The design shows 4 vesica pisces, 4 butterfly wings, a Maltese cross and the 4 cardinal directions.
The butterfly wings are indicative of chaos theory. To establish order one requires a period of chaos. Wearing this pendant allows one to work within cosmic order and insert greater values of this higher order onto this planet.

The vesica pisces assist one to move into a timeless zone and allow for a rectification of light energy, raising light vibrations as we work with coming changes. They assist in connecting the left-right brain function, allowing one to become receptive to a divine calling held within the higher light which is available to those wishing to use this for universal application.

Available in Clear, Bermuda Blue and Iridescent.

Cosmic Body Orb Tachyon Pendant (A*Z)

The Cosmic Body, also known as the Orb of Wholeness, is available in Clear and Bermuda Blue. It can be worn on its own or with other orbs, once each orb’s individual wearing schedule has been completed.

The design depicts the 5 triangular fields at the top of an icosahedron, representing the element water. Superimposed on this is the Seed of Life, holding all possibilities of life as represented by the 5 platonic solids.

This Orb reminds and assists one to take ones place in the cosmic reality which surrounds us and become whole once more in unity consciousness.

This orb places a protective field around the wearer, effectively protecting one from all forms of EMF, including that emanating from cell towers, gamma rays, coronal mass ejections and solar flares up to the x-class variety.

Available in Clear, Bermuda Blue and Iridescent (NEW).

Cosmic Soul Orb Tachyon Pendant (A*Z)

The Cosmic Soul, also known as the Orb of Reconnection, is available in Clear and Bermuda Blue. It can be worn on its own or with other orbs, once each orb’s individual wearing schedule has been completed.

This orb brings peace, tranquillity and an inner calm that helps the body to pull itself together as a whole — mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It gives the wearer a feeling of peace on earth and harmonious goodwill to all.

It brings about a sense of balance and feelings of happiness. In doing so it acts as a security blanket, allowing one to feel safe and able to open up, speaking one’s truth.

The clear orb works with the physical body and it appears to reorder the synapses of the brain, thereby assisting individuals with depression, bi-polar, drug dependency and eating disorders, such as anorexia or bulimia. It may also help those who have a problem with memory loss, Alzheimer’s and dementia. Please note that the Bermuda blue orb will not assist these conditions.

Available in Clear, Bermuda Blue and Iridescent (NEW).

Merkaba Orb Tachyon Pendant (A*Z)

The Merkaba Orb, also known as the Orb of Harmony and Balance, is only available in Bermuda Blue. It can be worn on its own or with other orbs, once each orb’s individual wearing schedule has been completed.

The Sacred geometry in this design is a Star Tetrahedron. This is made up of two 3 sided pyramidal shapes facing opposite directions. The central area of the design is a Hexagon.

The Star tetrahedron is a symbol of balance, synergy and integration. It assists in balancing ones mind and understanding of things. It is the union of opposites which can take one on a journey of harmony and balance.

A Star tetrahedron also represents the “As above, so below” principal.

The Star Tetrahedron Field around the physical body is known as ones Merkaba Field which when activated can provide protection of all types. This orb combines well with the Corona Orb for greater protection.

Available in Bermuda Blue and Iridescent (NEW).

Five Trees Orb Tachyon Pendant (A*Z)

The Five Trees Orb, also known as the Orb of Liberation and Spiritual Transformation, is only available in Bermuda Blue. It can be worn on its own or with other orbs, once each orb’s individual wearing schedule has been completed.

Five Trees is a metaphor for the Five Bodies of man — Acts of Thomas, Chapter 27 speaks of hauna (sanity), mad’a (reason), re’yana (mindfulness), mahshebhatha (imagination), tar’itha (intention) – these are considered the Five Manifestations of the Father of Greatness which may provide the clue to the meaning of the Five Trees.

It also points to the five potential spiritual energy vehicles that interconnect with the corporal vehicle of humanity for liberation or spiritual transformation. These vehicles are the Electromagnetic-, Epi-kinetic – , Eka-, Gematrian – and Zohar bodies.

This orb moves one into the levels within the Higher Intelligences, back into ones true inheritance, allowing one to gain more experience through using the mind and heart in thought, understanding, reflection and reasoning.

Available in Bermuda Blue.

Antahkarana Orb Tachyon Pendant (A*Z)

The Antahkarana Orb, also known as the Orb of Healing, is only available in Bermuda Blue. It can be worn on its own or with other orbs, once each orb’s individual wearing schedule has been completed.

This ancient symbol has been used for centuries in Tibet and is also known as the Rainbow Bridge. It assists in bridging the gap between the physical mind and the higher self. This orb can also be used in meditation as it helps to bring wisdom and clarity into one’s life.

In Tibet it is used as an universal healing symbol. It creates a positive effect on the chakras, meridians and auric field. It aids in supporting those who practice the healing arts as well as supporting those who are working on healing themselves.

Anyone who uses this symbol will establish a strong connection with their own higher selves.

Available in Bermuda Blue.

Sri Yantra Orb Tachyon Pendant (A*Z)

The Sri Yantra Orb, also known as the Orb of Pineal Stimulation, is only available in Bermuda Blue. The Sri Yantra Orb is an Orb that with constant use stimulates the Pineal Gland. Using the Orb for meditation as often as possible and focusing on the central point has been proven scientifically to create changes in the brain. Focusing on the central point stimulates the Pineal Gland and increases the Alpha Brain Wave function.

Working with the Pineal gland is important to your physical and mental health as it has been linked to memory, creativity, intuition and critical thinking. Focusing on the central point in the diagram, may cause the pineal gland to secrete a substance known as DMT in small amounts, which encourages experiences that can take one well beyond common states of awareness. Structurally DMT is very similar to serotonin and melatonin, both required for healthy living.

To use the Orb for meditation, lift it from where it is suspended on its chain and hold it in front of you. The A*Z will now be at the top of the Orb. Now contemplate the different triangles (tetrahedrons), and work toward the centre point (the Bindu Point). This will guide you into a meditation which need not be longer than 5 minutes, but of course if you have the time you may do this for longer.

This meditation helps one to connect to the higher levels of Spirituality. This is one of the reasons the pineal is sometimes termed the “Gateway to the Universe” and DMT the “Spirit Molecule”.
This design may also assist one in manifesting that which is required, if it is for ones HIGHEST GOOD.
This Orb is based on the numeric of the number 3, hence its sequence in the Number Orbs. Three represents the Tetrahedron. This diagram shows a set of 9 Tetrahedrons, 4 in one direction and 5 in the other and a point in the centre of the drawing, the Bindu point. This point is the heart of the diagram and is where this diagram starts to closely relate to the Flower of Life diagram, as both drawings originate from this point.

Dr Hans Jenny, a pioneer in the field of Cymatics, found that toning the AUM creates a Sri Yantra design in sand, demonstrating that sound becomes matter.

Sages say that mastering the secrets of the Sri Yantra will be the key for mastering the science of creation and destruction.

Available in Clear, Bermuda Blue and Iridescent (NEW).

Angelic Orb of Cherubim and Archangels Tachyon Pendant (A*Z)

We are supported by the vibrations of the above Angels through this Orb.

The Heart Chakra is activated and feelings of calm and support immediately flow through you. The mental body moves into a state of “kindness towards all”.

Restful sleep, astral travel and lucid dreaming can be expected if the Orb is next to the bed.
Altered states are rapidly achieved by holding this Orb between the hands when meditating.
This Orb has a central circle surrounded by 4 circles of the same size. These 4 circles represent the energies of the Divine Feminine. The central circle holds the heart. This circle represents us/Mother Earth surrounded and being drawn into the Divine Love vibration by the great Divine Feminine energies.

Together these 5 circles anchor this design. As they overlap they create a 4 pointed star.

The star of the Cherubim.

  • The Cherubim are the Messengers of the Infinite Creator
  • Pointing North/South, East / West
  • The Cherubim, as reported by the Prophet Ezekiel, having 4 faces.
  • The faces of ox/lion/eagle/man, otherwise described as ages mankind has evolved through.
  • 5 Circles and 4 points = 9
  • Assisting the Cherubim are 9 great Archangel Groups. In each group, 9 Archangels.

Each group bringing its unique energy to us in the very form we require to move forward in the Divine Plan already formulated by the Infinite Creator.

Welcome these great Angelic beings into our lives as they are now actively here, working with and through us to usher in Higher Vibrations of Consciousness.

Available in Clear, Bermuda Blue and Iridescent (NEW).

Orb of Metatron, Melchizidek and Lord Michael (MMM) Tachyon Pendant (A*Z)

This new Angel Orb depicts three Vesica Pisces each containing a circle.

A Vesica Pisces brings in Higher Light. A circle indicates completion. The time has come for us to work with the Higher expressions of MMM group to raise our own vibrations as well as those of this planet.
The placements of the three combined glyphs replicate our eyes and third eye. By joining the outer dots of each glyph you form a Tetrahedron (triangle), a signature of Archangel Michael, also known as Lord Michael.

Metatron, Melchizidek and Michael are shown as three expressions of the Infinite Creator, all contained within the larger double circle around the design. The circle in each Vesica Pisces is indicative that these three energy expressions are seen as complete in their expression and connection to God.

The central dot is once again the heart centre from which we all need to work to stay actively connected to these three significant Higher Energies.

Using and meditating with this Orb connects one to the energy expression of the MMM-group, which will allow one to interface with this extremely High Energy.

Metatron is known as the Creator of the outer worlds and a teacher and guide. Through his energy expressions he creates the necessary energy to prepare us to work with the Higher Realms. His energy is such that we can only experience a fraction of it in our physical form as it is of such vibration it would cause discorporation of our physical body if we were to be elevated into his presence. By using this Orb a safe connection is established to receive his information as it is required.

Melchizidek heads up the Order of Melchizidek, the Sons of Light, chosen to come into the world of form and manifest the sovereignty of GOD in assisting the transmutation of the Earth’s vibration into its Higher form. The Order of Melchizidek works through our Merkaba field to bring forth the information to assist all in attaining their own Higher expression. This Order of Priests holds the Key to the true history of this planet and The Order have incarnated into form through the ages to bring this Higher information to people.

Lord Michael, Archangel Michael, is the Eternal creator and Lord Protector of the Supreme and Ultimate programmes of the Elohim, Lords of Light. He ensures that the variations of Light are part of the true spectrum of Light necessary for this planet at this time and into the future. He is the Head of the Order of Michael who protect the galaxies from biological-spiritual interference from the lesser forces of light unless those negative forces are required to test/train us for soul advancement.
Archangel Michael is instrumental in bring through the design of the Orbs, so that the designs that have appeared are those that were most required at the time of their inception and moving forward. This has assisted all in achieving the most compatible elevation of energy frequencies required by persons who use the Orbs for their spiritual growth.

Available in Iridescent (NEW).

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