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Walter William Boyd
Astrologer, Energy Healer, Tachyon Practitioner, Psychic Surgeon, Soul Plan Practitioner, Lightcode Scribe, Celestial Shamanic Practitioner.

Over the last three decades, Walter have passionately explored  lifeโ€™s mysteries  with the intention of applying his knowledge towards delivering and creating insight, understanding, healing, solutions and breakthroughs for himself and his clients globally.  

With over 30 years experience in Western Astrology, 25 years of energy work and more recently in the last 12 years, a deepening of his channeling and intuitive reading skills which has led to the emergence of his light language which he expresses through written codes, song and vocalisations.

His processes are very organo-shamanic in nature where he intuitively uses his various tools to understand the deeper significance of what the challenge is alluding to and then finds a way to invite and engender the necessary changes to co-create a breakthrough. To him, being one with and working in flow is key towards breaking through areas of stagnation and crystallisation.

Walter’s core mission statement is to create and hold a powerful space for his clients, so as to allow for the mindful recognition of the sacred essence within themselves and to co-create the unique path towards the embodiment of their wholeness.

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Most Energy Healing sessions are done offline at the appointed time, after the session I send you a voicenote*, via WhatsApp, Telegram or email, along with supporting documents, photos and/or images. Some appointments are done via Zoom and you can connect via your computer, digital device or phone.

* If there are language barriers I can send a typed report instead of a voicenote. This can easily be translated with Google Translate โ€” please indicated with a note.

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