About Lightcodes ๐“น

Channeled Lightcodes are activations from higher consciousness or source with the purpose of assisting us to awaken and remember who we truly are.  Lightcodes, also known as Light Language or Keylontic Science, is a relatively new technology emerging at this time to help us awaken and unlock our dormant potentials and gifts that we hold in our DNA and in our energy bodies.

By working with the codes we entrain our states of being, and come into resonance with, the higher frequencies available to us. Lightcodes have the potential to help us release energies and patterns that no longer serve and to align us to our souls path. They radiate a beauty and harmony and activate within us whatever we are ready for at this point in time.

Lightcodes bypass the limitations of current communication techniques, or conscious language, and speak directly to our hearts and souls. There is no need to understand or to try and translate the Lightcodes with the mind or logic. These transmissions are meant to be felt with the heart and with the soul. We are invited to trust in the great unfolding mystery as we open our hearts to a new way of being.

To use Lightcode Activations

  1. Start by closing your eyesโ€ฆ
  2. Take a deep breath to the capacity of your lungs and hold for a few seconds before you slowly exhaleโ€ฆ
  3. Repeat the breathing a few timesโ€ฆ
  4. When you feel ready, gently open your eyes and allow them to rest lightly on the image and the writing. Allow your eyes to scan over the patterns and colours. Donโ€™t try to analyse or translateโ€ฆ Just be like a sponge and allow the activation to move and do what it needs to doโ€ฆ
  5. Repeat this process as often as you like.