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Nicolette Gaurso โ€” Cape Town

I had a remote kinesiology session with Markus for my 3 year old who was having a hard time expressing her emotions. She was at a point of frustration resorting to biting and scratching to express herself and her needs. I was so happy that I contacted Markus. The following day I felt an instant shift in her from anger into grief. She cried a little more, I held her a little moreโ€ฆa week later, she has returned to her feisty, fun loving happy self. I also gained valuable perception shifts and self healing. I learnt a lot from the feedback and understood so much more about our relationship.

Caron Reck โ€” Cape Town

I asked Markus for a Soul Plan Reading as I am looking at a new career in Life Coaching and wanted confirmation that I am choosing the right path before embarking on a time consuming and expensive course.

The Soul Plan Reading gave me all the answers I needed and more! It is truly life changing and has given me the encouragement and direction I was seeking.

Thank you Markus for facilitating this awesome experience!

A’drian H Nelson โ€” Cape Town

I first started receiving treatments and really good life advice from Markus about a year ago, perhaps a little more.

Initially I was quite depressed, feeling my life was stagnant. One crystal healing session later I realised it was the best money I ever spent in my life. As a birthday treat to myself I had a second one which was (to my greatest surprise) even more amazing.

Having had financial problems at the time I started using Crystal Alchemy’s Abundance, Prosperity and Success Crystal Essence โ€” Immediately little windfalls started to come my way. 3 Weeks later I unexpectedly got offered a job I wasn’t qualified for at all and that paid me almost 3 times my then salary. Many more fantastic opportunities “simply presented themselves” to me, AND STILL IS!!

My life is amazing now in ways I never would never have dreamed possible 12 months ago. I have my own photography business, #AHNphotography, and have an amazing, fulfilling relationship.

I have been wearing Tachyons purchased through Markus โ€” it is in a league of its own. Crystals on steroids!

Someone very close to me had very bad luck. I got him the Crystal Alchemy’s Abundance, Prosperity and Success Crystal Essence and a PEARL NECKLACE for good luck in business as he is an entrepreneur. He landed his DREAM JOB 3 days later, which is in perfect alignment with his entrepreneurship and additional work is now flowing in.

I absolutely refer and vouch for Markus’ integrity and positive results. His heart is in the perfect place and the client’s best interest is always at the top of his list. Plus, he is funny โ€” makes you feel right at ease and ready to receive fromt he Universe in abundance. Namaste

Karryn โ€” Australia

Thank you Markus for the powerful, enlightening & extremely comprehensive Soul Plan session.

I am amazed at how quickly some of the shifts have occurred in my thinking & actioning. My soul plan feels like a lighthouse beckoning me through what was a cloudy journey to reveal my truest most aligned potential. 

Thanks again Markus, I look forward to continuing the journey with you.

Karryn x

P.M. โ€” Los Angeles

 I did a soul plan with Markus and It was absolutely mind blowing. I couldn’t believe the amount of power, truth and challenges I learned from just my name! He helped give me clarity of what I needed to do to conquer challenges and confirmation on my purpose! Markus was very easy to talk to and has a very kind soul. I will definitely work with him again. Thank you so much! P.M.

Danielle โ€” New York

I’ve worked with Markus in several ways, from aura and space clearing, to DNA activations and tachyon work, gridding, even the blessing of my soul plan. In every form and facet, it has always been a beneficial and enjoyable experience.

As a starseed, twin flame, healer and multidimensional channel myself, I was called to work with Markus by having star family in common; and I can tell you that his information and manner of practicing, are always professional and on point. I share this because I hope it becomes more normalized for us as “gifted individuals”, to be open to working with others – in support of ourselves. I would love others to know that it in no way disrespects our own gifts or connections, to ask for help and allow someone we trust to keep space with us, or try a new technique. Self work is valuable and rewarding, but we can all use a little help and perspective every now and then. It not only helps us, but it helps our service too.

As for myself, working with Markus has been nothing but rewarding and reinvigorating to me on my journey. He has been one of the few people I have been able to absolutely trust and count on for a balanced, enlightened, and powerful perspective. As someone who journeys interdimensionally quite a lot, I’ve been known to have some very shall we say “out there” things in my field. Never once has Markus been intimidated, flustered or unable to help. He has always approached anything that’s come up with the utmost respect, caring, understanding, and professionalism, coming at things with a vast array of knowledge and modalities, and most importantly with an open mind and heart. I’ve never felt pressured, guilted, or looked down upon for anything that’s come up in session. To the contrary, Markus is always very kind, calm, collected, and complimentary, honoring in the sacredness of soul sovereignty. Even when seeing the most hurtful or shadowed parts of me, Markus has treated me, my gifts and experiences, with appreciation and respect (which is all too rare and so very appreciated).

I’ve found all of Markus’ energy work to be fruitful, potent, and effective, both physically and spiritually. I’ve even found the quantum time just before and after session to yield results. He is also very open to giving “homework”, tools, or continued practice suggestions, which I love and appreciate as a tool to re-empower clients.

Overall, the enthusiasm, knowledge and dedication, and the way in which he shares them, make Markus and his offerings something to truly be thankful for. If you have the chance or the call to work together, I encourage you to do so. Since he also naturally teaches as he works, even if you’re called to work with Markus utilizing modalities which are new to you, I encourage you to take the chance and answer that call. I am sure you will come out of the experiences not only with a better energy, but with a better understanding of technique and what was worked on.
Blessings to everyone on their healing and Ascension journeys; and blessings and thanks to Markus always ๐Ÿ™.

With LoveLight & Light Codes … ๐“Œ‚๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’™~Danielle, #DAMCL โ„ข, @DsEnlightenedEdits โ„ข~โ˜†๐ŸŒˆ๐“Œ‚www.DAMCLDesigns.com โ„ขยฎ๐“Œ‚๐“Žฌ๐“‹น๐“†ƒ๐“‚€๐“‹ด

Lucy Chard โ€” Cape Town / UK

Three weeks ago I became a student of Reiki and so far it has been a powerful journey of healing, peace and transformation.

I have wanted to learn Reiki since I was a teenager and I am thrilled to be doing my training here in Cape Town with a wonderful, kind and open group of people. If you are interested in learning Reiki or have an overall interest in energy healing, take a look at Healthy Choice for clear and comprehensive information.

I am looking forward to sharing more about my Reiki journey with you in the coming weeks.

Source: www.lucyannechard.com