Lightcode Activation to Attune to the Universal Abundance Grid

It all started on a rainy day in June 2019. I was appreciating the abundance around me. The gentle rain watering the earth and all the lush green plants around. I was in a calm and relaxed space and I sat down to draw a few water drop shapes.

Once I had the water shapes in place I felt ready to attune deeper to the abundance grid and to bring the energies through as a Lightcode Activation so that many more could experience this connection. the central code came through quick and I was under the watchful eyes of my guardian angel, Archangel Ariel.

The rest of the codes spilled out so fast I could hardly keep up, but I just flowed with it and allowed the lines to fill in as they so magically did.

This is one of those codes you want to spend time with. You want to soak it up and really get to know it intimately. This takes time. This Lightcode Activation is available for print.

Close your eyes, take three slow deep inhalations and exhalations. Gently open your eyes and meditate on the Activation. Scan from the middle out, scan from the outside in. Allow yourself to be like a sponge and soak up the experience. Allow your heart to feel what it feels.

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