Tachyon Attunements

A Tachyon Attunement is a non-invasive healing technique that can be used to help you improve physical and spiritual wellbeing. (also see: What are Tachyons? and Tachyon Pendants)

Tachyon Energy may be useful in:

  • Natural detoxification
  • Exceptional athletic performance and muscle recovery
  • Natural and easy recovery after illness
  • Absorption of vitamins and minerals
  • Increased brain function and circulation
  • Significant decrease in fatigue
  • Better functioning of organs and glands
  • Increased awareness of subtle energies

A Tachyon Attunement of an intensive re-charging of energy points in the body and re-balancing of all organ functionality by using Tachyon tools. The tools are manufactured in Switzerland and are energised in a Zero Point Machine, effectively making them antennae for Tachyon Energy.

How Tachyon Energy Works with the Body

When the ‘Subtle Organizing Energy Field’ (SOEF) are balanced, organized and functioning at its peak, the body is in a state known as negative entropy or ‘youthing’; disorganized, it slips into a state of chaos known as positive entropy; the most radical example being the production of cancer cells. If a SOEF is blocked or depleted, the flow of life force energy through the Energetic Continuum becomes deficient. But SOEF’s can be energized. Our body naturally does this through the chakra system, oxygen, sunlight, water and food. However, when those sources are themselves deplete of Tachyon Energy, this can negatively impact our lives and may show up as symptoms such as pain, fatigue, and dis-ease.

The Tachyon Tools act as antennae that attract and focus Tachyon Energy. These antennae, when applied directly to the body, feed the SOEF’s, giving the body the tools and energy necessary to heal itself, and do it in a self regulating fashion.

Some Things You Might Experience

Physically, you may experience an increase in stamina and energy; emotionally, a return to that feeling of unconditional love; mentally, you could experience increased wisdom or clarity of thought; and spiritually feel more in tune with THE SOURCE. To that list add natural detoxification, increased vitamin and mineral absorption, enhanced meditation, increased brain function, a decrease in general pain symptoms and an increased sense of well being.

Tachyon Energy stands on its own as an exceptional balancing and energising tool, or it can be used in conjunction with nearly all other healing modalities for its enhancing ability.

Remote Tachyon Attunements

Tachyon Attunements can also be offered remotely with great success. Instead of working on the body, the work is done on a 1.5m chart representing the human body. Specialised techniques have been developed to energetically connect with the client over distance .

Schedule an appointment 𓁿

Most Energy Healing sessions are done offline at the appointed time, after the session I send you a voicenote*, via WhatsApp, Telegram or email, along with supporting documents, photos and/or images. Some appointments are done via Zoom and you can connect via your computer, digital device or phone.

* Voice notes can be transcribed via an online tool like Otter and then translated with Google Translate.

Price List

All Treatments

  • 30–60 minutes β€” $120
  • 90 minutes β€” $180
  • 120 minutes β€” $240
  • Soul Plan Readings

  • Full Reading with Grace Clearing and Soul realignment
    90-120 minutes – $240
  • Name Change Reading β€” 60 minutes – starting at $120
  • Name Optimisation Reading β€” 60 minutes – starting at $120
  • Relationship Reading β€” 60 minutes – starting at $120
  • Business Name Reading β€” 60 minutes – starting at $120
  • Website Name Reading β€” 60 minutes – starting at $120
  • Specific Questions Reading β€” 60 minutes – starting at $120

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