Lightcode Activation to Attune to the Universal Abundance Grid

It all started on a rainy day in June 2019. I was appreciating the abundance around me. The gentle rain watering the earth and all the lush green plants around. I was in a calm and relaxed space and I sat down to draw a few water drop shapes.

Once I had the water shapes in place I felt ready to attune deeper to the abundance grid and to bring the energies through as a Lightcode Activation so that many more could experience this connection. the central code came through quick and I was under the watchful eyes of my guardian angel, Archangel Ariel.

The rest of the codes spilled out so fast I could hardly keep up, but I just flowed with it and allowed the lines to fill in as they so magically did.

This is one of those codes you want to spend time with. You want to soak it up and really get to know it intimately. This takes time. This Lightcode Activation is available for print.

Close your eyes, take three slow deep inhalations and exhalations. Gently open your eyes and meditate on the Activation. Scan from the middle out, scan from the outside in. Allow yourself to be like a sponge and soak up the experience. Allow your heart to feel what it feels.

Apacheta and Activation

An apacheta was built on Signal Hill in Cape Town, South Africa. The apacheta is an anchor point or acupuncture point to mama Gaia. The apacheta energetically connects to all Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (PMT) altar grounds all over the world as well as to all apachetas built in a similar way. This apacheta also contains stones from sacred sites in Peru as well as a connection to Versailles.

STONES FROM SACRED SITES IN PERU ••• Viracocha Temple ••• Inak Uyu Temple ••• Temple of the Moon ••• Temple of the Sun ••• Sillustani ••• Lake Titikaka ••• Temple of the Wind ••• Temple of the Condor ••• Machu Picchu ••• Aramu Muru Doorway

This Light Language activation downloads specific frequencies for each of the seven chakras. The higher frequencies are drawn into the causal body and into the etheric blueprint. A union is formed between the divine Masculine and the Feminine, allowing us to be fully present and connected in the NOW. Finally it is all anchored in a strong foundation while keeping you connected to the highest frequencies. This activation will allow you to tap into the healing frequencies of the apacheta built on Signal Hill in Cape Town, South Africa and also to the sacred sites in Peru and Versailles.

To use the activation: Close you eyes. Take a few slow, deep breaths. Relax. Gently open your eyes and allow you eyes to scan over the text. Don’t try to make sense of the words. Don’t try to interpret or translate the words. Just allow yourself to soak up the experience… be like a sponge. If you hear sounds or words, you may wish to replicate them. If you receive a translation, make note of it. If you seemingly experience nothing that is also OK.

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Light Language Activation to activate and open the Third Eye chakra

To use the activation close your eyes. Take three inhalations and exhalations. Gently open your eyes and allow them to scan over the writing and over the patterns. Don’t try to analyse or translate. Just be like a sponge and allow the activation to move and do what it needs to do.

If you do have an issue in the chakra, focus on your issue. Then close your eyes. Follow the instructions as above. Allow your eyes to wonder over the Activation. Imagine scanning through the writing. Allow any sensations to wash over you without judgment. Close your eyes. Think of your issue again. Has anything changed?

Ps. This one is best viewed on larger screens.

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Light Language Activation for Healing

This is not limited to only physical healing. It’s more like Universal Healing or Multi-Dimensional Healing. It works on the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and all layers to release what no longer serves. It also calls back to you fragments of energy you may have lost along the way — should these fragments be ready to return.

To use: Close your eyes, take three deep inhalations and exhalations. Gently open your eyes and allow your eyes to scan the Light Codes. Don’t try to figure it out, don’t try to translate it, don’t judge what you feel or experience while you do this exercise, just be like a sponge and soak it up.

Eeya’oorey… eeya’oorey ya ika ini direshniki da akakaa da akakaa da akakaa.

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