Light Language Activation for empaths

Light Language Activation for empaths who struggle to disconnect from what does not belong to them. To remember the gift of being an empath. To step into oneโ€™s own power.

To use the activation close your eyes. Take three inhalations and exhalations. Gently open your eyes and allow them to scan over the writing and over the patterns. Donโ€™t try to analyse or translate. Just be like a sponge and allow the activation to move and do what it needs to do.

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    1. Your Higher Self will send through packets of information that is appropriate for you when viewing and working with the Lightcodes. Green is the colour of the heart, so it is likely activating the energy for you in the heart space. Red and Green are complimentary colours. So by using Red as a background colour Green is brought in indirectly. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

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