Choosing crystals

Choosing with your eyes: the soul stone

When we look at things we immediately make comparisons. Our subconscious will always compare a visual impression with old memories and experiences. The soul is our inner world of images that has stored all impressions and experiences. The soul perceives everything and nothing is lost – something we are made conscious off through unexpected memories of thing we had thought we had forgotten long ago.

Choosing a stone with your eyes must have triggered a response to some memory, or you would not have chosen it.

  1. It may awaken a memory in your that is supportive and strengthening and is like a recovery for you.
  2. The stone may endow do with trust in your own inherent capabilities and bring to light again qualities that have been dormant for a long time.
  3. The stone may respond to an unpleasant memory that you have suppressed and may churn things up inside you. Again, you will notice this very quickly and the important thing is to accept what is happening and face the emerging feelings and images without blocking them.
  4. The stone may represent something that would be a beneficial experience for you.

Meditating with the stone or simply looking at it and quietly contemplating it will have a positive effect. 

Choosing a stone with your hand: the stone for your body

Close your eyes and move your hands over some stones. The impulse to pick one up comes to you from your own body. Our bodies possess a very finely tuned sensitivity that is always present, even when you are not consciously aware of it. Depending on our general state at a given moment we will automatically choose things that will help us balance ourselves – in this case a stone that represents a balancing factor for an inner deficiency or excess.

At the precise moment when your hand is close to the stone, the information radiated by the stone will already begin to have an effect.

  1. The stone will encourage your body to heal itself as it helps to regulate a disturbed inner equilibrium.
  2. The stone will help you improve the capabilities of your body.
  3. The stone will put you in touch properly with your own body. This alone will have pain-relieving and healing results but will also lead to your being able to gauge your physical needs better and to understand them.

Wear the stone next to the skin. You may lie down in a quiet moment and allow yourself to feel it working inside. Place it wherever it appears to produce the feeling of greatest well-being. 

Choosing via the word: the stone for the intellect

During the process of choosing you were neither able to see the stone nor touch it, the only connection to it being through the spoken or written word that stimulated you to choose it. This choice is a conscious one, compared to choosing visually. When you are choosing a stone via the word, you know what qualities of the stone are addressing us and here we touch on the fundamental quality of reason.

  1. It can server to increase your consciousness and guide your attention to present matters. The stone will help you to control your life or your body more consciously.
  2. The stone reflects the way you think and communicate. It also represents your world view, your ideals and your ideas. “Knowing yourself is the first step towards improvement.”
  3. The stone can represent a current problem and can help you develop a creative solution.

The best way to encourage its effect is by interacting with it: carry it around with you, gaze at it, meditate with it and obtain information on its mythological, mineralogical and healing nature. Always question the information your gather with: “What do these statements have to do with my situation, the current problem, my task or my imminent projects?”

Choosing a stone at random: the stone for the spirit

The question is whether it really is at random, or rather, how does the stone become chosen? A random stone may come to you in many ways. Someone may give you a stone as a gift, or you could pick it up in nature.

  1. It represents a decision you have made and the result of which you will experience now or in the future. If you keep the message of the stone in your consciousness you will experience how you actually determine your own life.
  2. The stone will improve your means of perception and will make you conscious of your spiritual capabilities. The important thing is that you recognise the resulting phenomena as your own spiritual qualities and leave “chance” out of the game.
  3. Your stone will simply show you what game you are playing at the moment or what game you want to play.

How you use your spirit stone is up to you. There are no rules, anything is possibly. Make your own game!

Crystal Care

WARNING: Placing certain crystals or stones in water can make the water toxic for consumption while other stones may be damaged by water. Some stones are light sensitive and it is not advisable to place them in directly sunlight. Consult with a qualified Crystal Healer if you are unsure. 


Crystals become statically charged when they come into direct contact with the body. The most extreme example is Amber, which may become quite hot in a few minutes.

  1. Static charge can be discharged again under running water.
  2. Placing the stones in the midday sun for a few hours is another way to discharge them. 
  3. Healing stones can also be placed in a bowl of hematite. Hematite does not need any cleansing or clearing of its own.


Any information a crystal received will remain stored even after the stone has been discharged. In order to completely wipe stored information, a more intense action is required.

  • Some crystals* can be placed in coarse sea salt. Salt needs more careful handling. Direct contact with salt may produce chemical reactions with some crystals, making the stone lose its polished finish or change colour. I recommend laying the crystal in a small glass dish that is embedded in a larger glass dish full of salt. The energy cleansing process is still maintained, but the stone itself is not affected.
  • Another method is to place stones on an Amethyst druse. The high iron atoms and the energy of concentration of quarts give Amethyst a powerful, fiery radiation. Healing crystals “irradiated” in this way are stripped of information they have stored. Leave the healing stone on the druse for 24 hours or less, depending on the how long the stone was in use for. Leaving healing stones on the druse for longer will not cause any harm to the stone.
  • Placing healing crystals in a bowl of uncooked brown rice is also an effective way of removing stored information from crystals.
  • Healing stones can also be placed in a bowl of hematite and citrine chips. Hematite and citrine do not need any cleansing or clearing of its own.
  • Reiki practitioners can use a technique called Jakikiri Jôka Hô to cleanse crystals, minerals and gemstones.
  • Laying stones in salt water or sea water, burying healing stones in soil or cleansing it in fire are definitely to be avoided, as many crystals will be severely damaged by this: Salt water penetrate pores and cracks and make the stone cloudy, some secondary minerals will be attacked by acids in the soil and transformed and fire will obviously tend to disperse too efficiently!


The intensity of radiation from a crystal is connected with the absorbed energy, so its healing effect can be increased and fortified through targeted charging. The most gentle method consist of laying the stone in sunlight at sunrise and sunset. The time during which we can dare to look almost into the sun without damage to our eyes is when the sun possesses a charging quality. 

Stones may be charged immediately before using it for a treatment, by holding it in your hand or near a radiator. This too will intensify the effect. In most cases charging is not necessary as the stone will be charged, warmed up and stimulated by body contact.


Physical cleansing should be restricted to eliminating dust from mineral groups and mineral druses. Use a fine paintbrush for the purpose. If you are cleansing a druse with water, only use mineral-poor water. Never use abrasive household cleaning agents on crystals. Some of them are almost impervious to such substances, while others are extremely sensitive.


It is very natural to want to display beautiful stones so you can see them most of the time. However, if you do not want regular dusting to become your main hobby, I recommend keeping them in a lockable display cabinet. I would not recommend the windowsill, with exception to agate sections and other light-insensitive crystals such as rock crystal (quartz), hematite, jasper, lapis lazuli, tiger’s eye and black tourmaline. Many stones will lose their colour in direct sunlight, like amethyst, kunzite, rose quartz, etc.

WARNING: Placing certain crystals or stones in water can make the water toxic for consumption while other stones may be damaged by water. Some stones are light sensitive and it is not avisable to place them in directly sunlight. Consult with a qualified Crystal Healer if you are unsure. 

Remote Healing Chart

The quest for the healing chart started in 2009 when a regular client of mine was overseas and was in need of a Crystal Healing session. At that stage I have only done Remote Crystal Healing with crystal grids, but for the work we needed I had to have a different approach.

So I asked the client for a full body photograph and I had it printed A3. I used some of my smaller crystals, gemstones and minerals to do the remote session via Skype. It was a huge success and the client could even tell me what colour stones I placed down as I worked.

The photo that got it all started.

We have a few more sessions like this. I decided to continue my experiments with a few of my overseas friends, but after a while I realised that I would either have to get a larger printer to have my own A3 prints made instead of going to the print shop, or I needed a generic chart that I could use for all my clients. Thus my journey began to create Bob (as I lovingly call him).

Over the years I’ve worked on the chart and added to it. In 2019/2020 when the entire world went mad with lockdowns I was forced to close my very successful practice in Cape Town. For the first few weeks of the lockdown I just waited patiently, thinking that it would only be two weeks as the government promised, but soon I realised that this was going to be a much longer wait. I sent newsletters out to my clients to let them know that I would be offering my work online.

The 2020 version of the Remote Healing Chart. To see the controls clearly you had to stand at the foot end of the chart. The chart was black and white.

I have now transformed my work to be entirely online/offline/remote. Making use of the Remote Healing Chart and the various healing modalities I have at my disposal. My practice has expanded to cover the globe instead of just the small local area of Cape Town.

The 2022 version of the Remote Healing Chart — all the controls turned so you can stand at the side of the chart. You have the option of purchasing a Left or Right chart. And of course it’s in full colour.

And now I am ready to share Bob with the rest of the world. The chart is available for purchase online at Pixels. For people in South Africa who want to purchase a chart, you can contact me directly, because I have it printed locally.

I am currently working on a PDF reference manual that will be available to all who purchased the Remote Healing Chart. If you would like to receive a copy of the PDF contact me and please supply your proof of purchase details. I will email you the PDF.

Watch the full video where I explain all of the features of the Remote Healing Chart.

Light Language Activation to activate and open the throat chakra

To assist one to communicate and live one’s truth.

To use the activation close your eyes. Take three inhalations and exhalations. Gently open your eyes and allow them to scan over the writing and over the patterns. Don’t try to analyse or translate. Just be like a sponge and allow the activation to move and do what it needs to do.

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Light Language Activation for Healing

This is not limited to only physical healing. It’s more like Universal Healing or Multi-Dimensional Healing. It works on the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and all layers to release what no longer serves. It also calls back to you fragments of energy you may have lost along the way — should these fragments be ready to return.

To use: Close your eyes, take three deep inhalations and exhalations. Gently open your eyes and allow your eyes to scan the Light Codes. Don’t try to figure it out, don’t try to translate it, don’t judge what you feel or experience while you do this exercise, just be like a sponge and soak it up.

Eeya’oorey… eeya’oorey ya ika ini direshniki da akakaa da akakaa da akakaa.

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