Light Language to Activate Spiritual Talents and Gifts

We all have spiritual talents and gifts. Some know what their purpose and gifts are, others don’t… and that’s OK. Some search for ever deeper layers and extensions of who and what they are, others don’t… and that’s also OK.

Today Archangel Ariël guided me to transcribe the following Light Language Activation. While I was writing I kept asking her what the Activation was all about, I’m curious that way… usually she tells me before I start what the Activation is all about. She kept telling me to focus on writing… As put the last dot down she revealed the purpose of the Activation. I guess I had to receive the full Activation for myself first. 🙂 To use the activation close your eyes. Take three inhalations and exhalations. Gently open your eyes and allow them to scan over the writing. Don’t try to analyse or translate. Just be like a sponge and allow the activation to move and do what it needs to do.

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