Remote Healing Chart

The quest for the healing chart started in 2009 when a regular client of mine was overseas and was in need of a Crystal Healing session. At that stage I have only done Remote Crystal Healing with crystal grids, but for the work we needed I had to have a different approach.

So I asked the client for a full body photograph and I had it printed A3. I used some of my smaller crystals, gemstones and minerals to do the remote session via Skype. It was a huge success and the client could even tell me what colour stones I placed down as I worked.

The photo that got it all started.

We have a few more sessions like this. I decided to continue my experiments with a few of my overseas friends, but after a while I realised that I would either have to get a larger printer to have my own A3 prints made instead of going to the print shop, or I needed a generic chart that I could use for all my clients. Thus my journey began to create Bob (as I lovingly call him).

Over the years I’ve worked on the chart and added to it. In 2019/2020 when the entire world went mad with lockdowns I was forced to close my very successful practice in Cape Town. For the first few weeks of the lockdown I just waited patiently, thinking that it would only be two weeks as the government promised, but soon I realised that this was going to be a much longer wait. I sent newsletters out to my clients to let them know that I would be offering my work online.

The 2020 version of the Remote Healing Chart. To see the controls clearly you had to stand at the foot end of the chart. The chart was black and white.

I have now transformed my work to be entirely online/offline/remote. Making use of the Remote Healing Chart and the various healing modalities I have at my disposal. My practice has expanded to cover the globe instead of just the small local area of Cape Town.

The 2022 version of the Remote Healing Chart β€” all the controls turned so you can stand at the side of the chart. You have the option of purchasing a Left or Right chart. And of course it’s in full colour.

And now I am ready to share Bob with the rest of the world. The chart is available for purchase online at Pixels. For people in South Africa who want to purchase a chart, you can contact me directly, because I have it printed locally.

I am currently working on a PDF reference manual that will be available to all who purchased the Remote Healing Chart. If you would like to receive a copy of the PDF contact me and please supply your proof of purchase details. I will email you the PDF.

Watch the full video where I explain all of the features of the Remote Healing Chart.