Space Clearing

By clearing your home or office of stale, lower energies, you will enjoy a safer, happier, healthier environment for yourself, your pets and your plants.

What are lower/negative energies?

These can be thoughts, emotions, actions and entities held in the space like dust, imprinted on the walls, floors and furniture. Arguments, upsets, illness, traumas and other unsettling energies or unwanted entities can linger and disturb the harmonious balance of your home or office.

To live well, you should be in harmony with your environment. If your inner and outer environments are not balanced and cleansed, you will experience (among other things):

  • Ill health in you, your children, pets and plants
  • Sleep issues, including nightmares
  • Broken or difficult relationships
  • Problems in your career or business
  • Emotional challenges such as depression and moodiness
  • Financial problems

Clearing and cleansing your environment brings about balance in you living spaces. A balanced and energetically clean environment are more conducive to:

  • Good health and well-being in you, your children, pets and plants
  • Healthy sleeping patterns
  • Healed and happy relationships
  • Career and business success
  • Clear thinking and stable mood, even happiness
  • Increasing abundance

Space clearing, also called house clearing or cleansing, will help you to create an energetically ‘clean’ environment for yourself, your family, your business, and your pets. It will also invite into your space the energies of health, success and happiness.

It is important to note that Space Clearing is not Geomancy, Feng Shui, Vastu Shastra or Geopathic Stress Release, they are are different things and follow different processes. I mainly deal with Space Clearing and Geopathic Stress Release although I may offer some advance and guidance from a Geomancy or Feng Shui perspective if I see something that can be rearranged to allow energy to flow better. Space Clearing is to clear negative thought forms, emotions, energies, stagnant energies, entities, magic, etc. from a space. Geopathic Stress Release is to release energetic stresses from an area, such as Hartmann Grids, Curry Nets, Fault Lines, Underground Water Veins, Cellphone Towers, negative magnetic fields, etc. I am able to provide advice on personal aura clearing and chakra balancing approaches, which will also help to keep your internal energy field clear.

How Can You Get Started?

  • Contact us for a free Space Clearing Consultation.
  • This consultation will provide you with a summary of the most challenging energetic issues at your home or workplace and give you suggestions for resolving them.

What you need to do to prepare:

The day before the the cleansing there should be no visitors etc. – no one other than those who live there full time.

(Optional β€” If this is required I will let you know) Please water the soil on all corners of the property (inside the property but at the farthest points of the boundaries) as well as the 2 points at the gate entrance or the front entrance. This can be done a day or so before the cleansing so that the soil is a little softer and to make it easier for me to bury crystals.

Warning! I use smoke (White Sage / Frankincense / Palo Santo Sacred Wood, etc.) as part of the cleansing process. Leaving the windows open for about an hour after the cleansing should clear it all.

The cleansing process can be a lengthy one, depending on what is needed in the space, and it is not something I like to rush. The various stages I go through would be:


I get a general feel for the space and do some dowsing to check energy levels in the rooms. Also to get an idea of what I’ll have to deal with in each room.

  • Unpacking and preparing.
  • Preparing myself.

Entire Space:

  • Smudging with Frankincense / Palo Santo Sacred Wood.
  • Cleansing with Holy Water and / or Agua de Florida.

Room by room:

  • Opening sacred space.
  • Clearing with Smudging White Sage.
  • Clearing and Energising with Reiki / Illumination / Shamanic Work.
  • Energising with Sound β€” Singing Bowl / Tingshaw / Bell / Shamanic Drum.
  • Check energy levels again and make sure everything moved that was supposed to move and make the necessary tweaks and adjustments.

Entire Space:

  • Closing sacred space for each room.
  • (Optional / if needed) Making of medicine, planting of items.
  • Final touches / Energy Balls / Tweaking.
  • Packing.

The time it takes depends entirely on the amount of rooms / areas (open plan areas can be divided or done as a single space) and what needs to be done in each room / area. I don’t like to rush the process and I don’t like to watch the clock while I work. I work thoroughly and efficiently and ensure that all ground is covered when I do this work. Some spaces are quicker to clear than others. Generally it takes around 2 or 3 hours for a 100mΒ² space.

In most cases a cleanse would be good for a year or more, depending on the lifestyle and people coming and going from the space. I have clients who only call me again after 4 or 6 years for a cleanse and on the flip side I have some business owners who call me in every 6 months to clear the office space whenever they see the staff getting agitated and irritated with each other or when things seem to get stuck. They always report that the staff attitude change, that business is flowing again and that everything feels lighter after a cleanse.

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Most Energy Healing sessions are done offline at the appointed time, after the session I send you a voicenote*, via WhatsApp, Telegram or email, along with supporting documents, photos and/or images. Some appointments are done via Zoom and you can connect via your computer, digital device or phone.

* Voice notes can be transcribed via an online tool like Otter and then translated with Google Translate.

Price List

All Treatments

  • 30–60 minutes β€” $120
  • 90 minutes β€” $180
  • 120 minutes β€” $240
  • Soul Plan Readings

  • Full Reading with Grace Clearing and Soul realignment
    90-120 minutes – $240
  • Name Change Reading β€” 60 minutes – starting at $120
  • Name Optimisation Reading β€” 60 minutes – starting at $120
  • Relationship Reading β€” 60 minutes – starting at $120
  • Business Name Reading β€” 60 minutes – starting at $120
  • Website Name Reading β€” 60 minutes – starting at $120
  • Specific Questions Reading β€” 60 minutes – starting at $120

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