Geopathic Stress Release

Geopathic Stress Release is a completely different approach to Space Clearing. It involves locating various stresses (fault lines, water veins, etc.) in and around the house and then using energised discs to balance the stress. If there is a floor plan to work with, then I can do some of the work at home before coming through. It requires some dowsing and some measurements on the floor plan. It usually takes around 2 to 3 hours to do the dowsing around Geopathic Stress and the rate for this is R460 per hour whether I do it on a floor plan or at the premises. If I dowsed using a floor plan, then I will go through the space when I get there to confirm what came up and see if there is anything I missed.

I then go through showing you where the various discs should go. If you let me know what your budget is then I can make sure that I have the appropriate amount of discs with me (I don’t carry stock)

Depending on the size of the space or the how many geopathic stress areas you have you are looking at something like:

  • Electricity Mains Box / WiFi Router β€” FU-TAC
  • Computer / TV / Microwave Oven β€” COM-TAC
  • Negative Hartmann Grid Point / Negative Curry Net Point / Ley Line / Water Vein / Fault Line β€” GEO-TAC
  • Geopathic Stress from Cellphone Towers / WiMAX boosters β€” FU-TAC or Big Bang

If there are too many geopathic stress points, then we can take a grid approach. The nice thing about the grid approach is that you will have a grid over the entire house to balance all the stress points. Its not always easy to do the grid on larger places. Depending on the size of the space you would need 5 GEO-TAC for a small space, 8 GEO-TAC for a long space, or 13 GEO-TAC for a big space.

Things like computers and TVs are things you can add over time if you feel that they are draining you or your energy. I would highly recommend that the Electricity Mains Box and WiFi Routers be done as soon as possible. Both have quite a drain on the energy in a place.

More information about the discs:

I am listed as a consultant on the Orionis CC website.

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