Aura Healing

In the same way that we keep our physical bodies alive, healthy and functioning well, our chakras must be ain balance and aligned with each other.

When our chakras (or any aspect of our energy system) are out of balance, it can have a profound impact on our physical, emotional and mental and spiritual health. This can cause imbalance in our physical lives and we may find that we are illness- or accident-prone, or that our lives are unhappy, unsatisfying, or chaotic.

Is Aura Healing for you?

  • Is your body healthy enough to support your individual spiritual journey or fulfilment of your life purpose?
  • Are you well grounded, secure, confident and in touch with your body?
  • Are you in touch with your emotions, not overwhelmed by them?
  • Are you comfortable with your own sexuality?
  • Are you self-confident and able to manifest your desires, without dominating others?
  • Are you compassionate and in touch with nature?
  • Are you able to express your own truth, to listen as well as speak and to create?
  • Is your intellect balanced with wisdom and are you in touch with your intuition?
  • Do you sense your connection with the divine?

An Aura Healing and Chakra Balancing treatment may consist of a variety of techniques and methods, including Barbara Ann Brennan Style Aura Healing, Usui Reiki Ryoho, Crystal Healing, Triangulation based on the Alice Bailey teachings, Energetic Recalibration and Shiatsu Pressure Points, Guided Visualisations, Breathwork, etc.

Some of the focuses in an Aura Healing could be:

  • Releasing core fears
  • Removal of extraterrestrial / alien implants, attachments and/or possessions
  • Removal of astral entities
  • Removal of negative elementals
  • Removal of energetic parasites
  • Clearing negative imprints (pre- and present life)
  • Repairing etheric damage, wounds, holes and leaks
  • Removing etheric mucous from the auric field
  • Removing toxic astral energies, irritations and spots
  • Clearing toxic psychic energy and debris
  • Clearing negative thoughts and emotions from the auric field
  • Releasing negative ego programming from the auric field
  • Soul retrieval and dealing with improper soul fragments
  • Clearing and repairing chakras

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Most Energy Healing sessions are done offline at the appointed time, after the session I send you a voicenote*, via WhatsApp, Telegram or email, along with supporting documents, photos and/or images. Some appointments are done via Zoom and you can connect via your computer, digital device or phone.

* Voice notes can be transcribed via an online tool like Otter and then translated with Google Translate.

Price List

All Treatments

  • 30–60 minutes β€” $120
  • 90 minutes β€” $180
  • 120 minutes β€” $240
  • Soul Plan Readings

  • Full Reading with Grace Clearing and Soul realignment
    90-120 minutes – $240
  • Name Change Reading β€” 60 minutes – starting at $120
  • Name Optimisation Reading β€” 60 minutes – starting at $120
  • Relationship Reading β€” 60 minutes – starting at $120
  • Business Name Reading β€” 60 minutes – starting at $120
  • Website Name Reading β€” 60 minutes – starting at $120
  • Specific Questions Reading β€” 60 minutes – starting at $120

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