Energy Work

Energy Work focuses more on the the etheric-, emotional-, mental- and spiritual bodies. The belief is that all physical ailments and dis-ease starts in one or more of the energetic bodies and then over time percolates into physicality โ€” e.g. You keep repeating a negative thought pattern, over time it starts building up an emotional charge which strengthens the negative pattern. When these negative patterns become too dense for the mental and emotional bodies it moves into the physical body, you develop a ‘sudden’ symptom or an ‘unexplained accident’.

Energy Healing Modalities

  • Aura Healing is a non-invasive energy healing modality. Etheric damage like tears, blockages and leaks are removed and cleared from the auric field. For most part the treatment does not involve touch, but some techniques may require limited or gentle touch. Chakra repair and balancing also form part of this healing protocol.
  • Cord Cutting is performed to cut, clear, release and heal negative patterns playing out between you and the people you have significant relationships with. Cords of attachment are connected to your aura and the aura of the person you are connected to and you are exposed to these negative patterns 24/7. They affect you subconsciously and may drain your energy.
  • Chakra Balance involves psychically scanning and checking each of the major chakras and some minor chakras. Each chakra is then repaired, cleared and balanced. โ€”forms part of Aura Healing
  • Crystal Healing is an alternative medicine technique that employs stones and crystals as healing tools. The practitioner places crystals on different parts of the body, often corresponding to the chakras, or places crystals around the body to construct an energy grid to surround the client with healing energy.
  • DNA Activation (13 Helix-: Kinesiopractic modality) consists of 31 programmes / protocols designed to work specifically on the 13 helixes of the DNA. The practitioner tests through the protocols to see what is needed for the client at the time and for the intention.
  • DNA Activation (22 Strand-: Metaphysical modality) clears the energetic blockages keeping you from you breaking old patterns so you can be who you want to be. Through this modality, you may experience a higher attunement to Spirit โ€” spiritual growth and self-transformation may be accelerated as a result.
  • Energetic Recalibration assists the body by energetically calibrating โ€” clearing and resetting โ€” the state of proprioceptor receptors in the body the spine and the rest of the skeletal system comes into proper alignment, releasing stress and pain, allowing the body to self heal naturally.
  • Kinesiopractic (Applied/Specialised Kinesiology) is a non-invasive treatment that evaluates and balances an individualโ€™s structural, chemical and mental health through a variety of therapeutic techniques, including nutritional, counselling, joint/muscle manipulation, acupressure, and exercise. Evaluations are done by manual muscle monitoring (muscle testing).
  • Life Alignment is a non-invasive treatment that recognises how emotions and the environment impacts our health. It is coherent with findings from psychology, the contemporary fields of neurobiology, epigenetics, and wisdom from ancient healing systems, including Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and Shamanism.
  • Past Life Regression (hypnotherapy) accesses past life memories which are below the level of the conscious awareness, clearing the unresolved conflicts from the past that have been distorting our mental, emotional and physical well-being.
  • Pendulum Healing is a non-invasive healing modality making use of specialised pendulums to stimulate healing in oneself and others.
  • Polarity Therapy combines Astrology, Ayurvedic medical concepts, Chinese medical concepts, Yogic philosophy, Chiropractic techniques, Osteopathic techniques and Naturopathic techniques. It was developed in the late 1950โ€™s by Dr. Randolph Stone.
  • Quantum Resonance Bio Scan makes use of an electronic quantum scanner that collects the weak magnetic field of human cells for scientific analysis, thereby analysing and determining a person’s health status and main problems and putting forward standard prevention recommendations.
  • Reiki Ryoho is a non-invasive energy healing modality originating from Japan. Clients remain fully clothed and are covered with a blanket or a sheet. The treatment involves placing hands on the client and allowing the Universal Life energy to flow through to the client.
  • Shiatsu (Masunaga / Zen Style) in Japanese means โ€œfinger pressureโ€, Masunaga is the founder of this particular style of Shiatsu, Zen means “contemplation or meditation”; A treatment consists of finger, palm and elbow pressure, stretches, and other massage techniques, including meridian tracing and energy holds.
  • Tachyon Attunement is a non-invasive energy healing modality. Tachyon tools are placed on and around the body to clear and energise the auric field. Tachyon tools are manufactured in Germany and energised in a zero-point machine. Learn more about at