Ancient Energy Healing Event

Thank you for joining us on the Ancient Energy Healing Event.

This group healing event is only available for the attendees of the Ancient Energy Healing Event.

After the event I will schedule a remote group healing using Tachyons Tools, Cards, and Healing Modalities I practice. I will record the session and on completion I will send you the images and recordings along with any feedback or homework/support that you need to do to anchor the healing.

I look forward to working with you.

Schedule an appointment 𓁿

Most Energy Healing sessions are done offline at the appointed time, after the session I send you a voicenote*, via WhatsApp, Telegram or email, along with supporting documents, photos and/or images. Some appointments are done via Zoom and you can connect via your computer, digital device or phone.

* If there are language barriers I can send a typed report instead of a voicenote. This can easily be translated with Google Translate β€” please indicated with a note.

Online Readings
Remote Healing